One thing about being a father, nothing tops the love you have for your children. 

One thing about being a father, nothing tops the love you have for your children. 

Reading a book called “Is Divorce A Sin” by a pastor named Garry Zeigler. It’s been comforting in helping me look to start over. I no longer feel that I have to hide my feelings for someone new. I don’t want to rush into things though. God I ask that you grant me patience and peace.

I think about how much my dad wanted me to study law but I refused. I wanted to study medicine. I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. The only problem is I’m getting good in medicine but I believe I’m failing as a father and a husband. Please show me and confirm whether I’m in my right place and as I’m doing your work I ask that you protect my love ones.

My journey from Chicago to Virginia has been great. I’m really learning new things. I’m excited for my new venture and responsibilities. I really feel like I’m in the groove here. I still wonder about my future as a father, a son, and a husband. 

Felt good about the decision I made today but at the same time I felt like I took something away from someone. I need your peace thanks .Thanks Miles Bourdet. 

I met someone today who seems very nice and easy to talk with. Sorry I haven’t had a lot of praying time. Been much more busy than I anticipated. 


I’m really liking my new environment, at St James Hospital, everyone seems very nice and professional. Iv’e already been accepted as a peer, that makes me feel good.They trust me here and I feel respected. Very refreshing.

This is my journal, I’m on a new journey to a new promise land with new endeavors and prospects, full of opportunities. The only thing is… my family isn’t with me. Not certain about my family but more certain about my professional future. I need an answer and a sign. This a letter from me to you God, please give me the 411. I miss my family.


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